Specimen Zero Mod APK Latest v(1) For Android

Specimen Zero Mod APK Review:

Gaming is a great source of entertainment in the world. Today millions of people are love to play online or offline games. Gaming is a great source of earning for everyone. Many people play the game and record their games. They upload this video on many social sites, Like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more, Through Google these gamers earn money. Today we are sharing a nice game Specimen Zero Mod APK game. Specimen Zero Mod is a multiplayer horror game for all gaming devices. This game is based on horror palaces and cannibals. The main central idea of the game is that fight against cannibals and mutants. The game starts and you are in an unknown place and you are kidnapped.

The goal is to save your life from cannibals mutants. Find the exit door and fight the enemies and save your life. In this process, you can take the help of your assistance of your fellows, many weapons, Skills, and many more. Many gamers in the world feel that many things are in shortage in the games, some sources are missing in the game. So we are introducing a new and upgraded version of this game. To download the game free of cost and play the game and enjoy the game.

The game is not very easy, sometimes you do not find the exit door and few times you have a lack of sources. So first equip all the sources that help the game and start your journey. The game is quite frightening and dreading. Because of darkness and hidden enemies. Overall the game is enjoyable with fear sounds and fights.

Main features of Specimen Zero Mod

Specimen Zero Mod is the upgraded version of the game; simply it is the third-party app of Specimen Zero Apk. It is full of control and cheats. Like in Specimen Zero in the start you need to find an exit door but in Specimen Zero Mod all the features are in your control. The menu shows you where the exit door is. Many other controls like locate the hidden enemies mark the weapons, door code, locate all the important items. Always avoid using third-party apps.

  • Player Menu: Fake Hide, Bypass door code, Torch, God mode, etc. These controls make easy the game and help you to win the game.
  • Weapons Menu: Finish the enemies and use unlimited Ammo, Fire Rate, Bullet, one-shot kill, and many more.
  • Passive Menu: In the modified version you find everything unlocked for an enjoyable game.
  • Movement Menu: manage your movement with your own choice with Masskill and TeleKill etc.
  • Fun Menu: Adjust the player Size, enemy size, weapons sound, and many more.
  • Others: The mod information and social menu are available in this menu.
  • The graphics and game are the same as the original Apk.
  • The mod version is free of passwords, registration ads, unlimited.
  • Multiplayer mode is very interesting and trembling with your game partner.
  • Much new skin is added in the new Mode.
  • Unlimited everything in the game and freely unlocks all characters.
  • All the errors are fixed in this new Mod.
  • Latest MOD.

How to Download Specimen Zero Mod App and Play

Downloading the Apk is very simple, just go to the download link and freely download the app. After download installs the App. Before install, it asks you to allow the Unknown source to allow. As you know, it is a modified version of the app. It is a third-party app. It is not an official app. But it is 100 percent safe and free to use. When you allow the source the app is completely installed. Now you’re ready to play.

Alternative Apps of Specimen Zero Mod

There are many alternative apps for this MOD. Some are free and some are paid. Like PUBG, Free Fire, COD, etc. These are the free games in the Google Play Store. This game is based on real locations and real humans and cannibals sounds, so it is very interesting to compare to other famous games of the world. Just go to the App store and freely install these apps and play the games.

Final Words

The Specimen Zero Mod is a very intrusting App for the entire game lover. You can easily win the game with its full of cheats. Remember that we are not in support of any Third Party app. We are just providing the latest apps with their new version. Millions of smartphone users use this MOD and enjoy their free time. Always avoid using third-party apps. Sometimes it makes a series of issues with your privacy.


NAME Specimen Zero Mod
CATEGORYArcade, Games
ANDROID REQUIRED 5.0 and up to

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