PUBG MOBILE Latest v(2.0.0) Download For Android


PUBG is a royal battle game available for mobile and PC. It is the most famous and most downloaded game worldwide. You can easily download the game from the given link or Google Play Store. It,s total download is 500,000,000+, and Today,s it,s active users in the world are 100 Million+. PUBG also develops it,s lite version, name Pubg Mobilelite. This version is the same as PUBG Mobile but with limited features. Like total of four maps, only 50 players in a single match, etc. It,s size is less than 1 GB, It easily works on 3GB RAM Mobile. Play PUBG with your friend worldwide and make friends, you can also have conversations with your friends through messages and voice.

New in latest version 2.0.0

There are a few things that are changed in the latest version.

  • New royal pass suit.
  • New map in Erangel, That is Flora Menace.
  • The second new map is in livik mode.
  • Livik map changes into two maps.
  • SS AI- Easy.
  • VS AI- Normal.
  • The latest entry for all Crown, Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator, and Conqueror players.
  • New Skin in Royal Pass.

How to install and play PUBG MOBILE on a PC

The official PUBG is made for mobile, but due to it,s more downloads and more users pubg developing it,s PC version. For downloading Pubg on PC First, you must download the Gameloop app on your PC or laptop. Then Go to the download link and download the pubg app. Now open the Gameloop app and open the installed app.

Download Gameloop App for PC

Main Features of PUBG MOBILE

There are many pubg mobile features like its characters, maps, graphics, controls, weapons, Vehicles,  etc. These all features make pubg the best realistic game in the world.


There are four main map categories in pubg mobile.

Classic Mode

In classic mode, there are five main maps in the game.

1- Erangel4-Sanhok

Evoground Mode

In Evoground Mode there is one map.

1-Mission Ignition.

Arcade Mode

There are three maps in this mode.

  • Quick match Random map.
  • War erangle.
  • sniper training.

Arena mode

In Arena mode, there are four types of matches.

  • Team deathmatch hanger.
  • Arena Training hanger.
  • Gun game hanger.
  • Domination town.

Characters in PUBG MOBILE.

There are some characters in-game.

1 Sara3 andy
2- victor4 car

You can buy PUBG royal pass for just 1700 Ruppies.

Training Mode

If you are new to PUBG, then go to the training mode. use every gun, everything that is used pubg mobile. Make yourself skill full in training mode.

Weapons in Pubg mobile

There are many guns in pubg like AR guns, sniper guns, SMG guns, shotguns, light machine guns,s, etc.

  • 11 AR guns.
  • 5 bolt action sniper rifles.
  • 7 automatic sniper rifles.
  • 7 SMG guns.
  • 5 shotguns.
  • 3 light machine guns.
  • 9 pistol.
  • 4 melee.
  • 1 crossbow.

Vehicles in PUBG Mobile.

  • 3 UAZ.
  • 3 pickup.
  • 4 sedan.
  • 5 motorcycle.
  • 1 buggy.
  • 2 boat.

And four more vehicles, like 1 bus,1 ricksha,1 truck,1 Rocket plain.


How to play PUBG MOBILE

Open the pubg mobile app, and log in to the app with Facebook or Twitter into the game. Select your server. There are four servers in the game.

  • Asia
  • Middle east
  • Europe
  • America

Now and choose your gaming character. There are two free characters in-game.

  • Custom character
  • Victor.

After selecting a character Go to the setting and custom your finger setting. Send a request to your friend or just start the game. Automatically it connects you to new four friends or plays solo vs squad.

Additional information

Pubg daily introduces new features. Like it changes it,s season every 28 days. You can buy a pubg royal pass in just 1700 puppies. Every week pub long new creat. Open the creat and get suits, Weapons skin, Vehicles skin, and emotes. Pubg gives you chance to complete your daily mission to earn rewards. Daily play PUBG and achieve the new title. pubg has many titles and missions.

Top PUBG MOBILE player of the world

1- XQF Paraboy

2- XQF Order

3- BTR Zuxxy

4- Mortal

5- Jonathan

6 -Scout

7- RRQ Earnny

8- C9 Beowulf

9- TQ Marco

10- Coffin

There are many pubg players in the world. But some people make it for their profession. They play a game and upload it on many social sides like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. And earn money. These are some top pubg players with their Youtube Subscribes.

Alternative game of PUBG MOBILE

There is many alternative game of pubg, like Free Fire, Call of Duty, Need for speed, etc. These alternative games are very good but as we compare to this game with pubg. The pubg is very famous, today the cross 500,000,000+ download and it,s active user in the world is 100 million+.



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