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Polycam Real presence App Review:

Are you a photographer, and love to create good photos for your social side? The Polycam App is a great and helpful app for you. You can create a good 3D photo with the use of the Polycam app. Polycam app is basically a 3D photo generator app. This app is available for ios. You can also download this app for your PC. Polycam is an amazing application, that currently, ios users use to create 3D models of any object using your iPhone camera. Polycam now also works on any iPhone. You can effectively create 3D models anywhere and use their new photo mode to create photorealistic 3D renders of objects, people, and any things you find.

Main Features of Polycam

Capture with Photo Mode: Just take  20+ photos from your iPhone and convert them into 3D models with photogrammetry.

Measure: Grab distance, floor plans, and blueprints.

Analyze: Auto-generate blueprints and floorplans.

Capture: Instant, accurate 3D is ready to use.

Edit: Clean up colors and geometry.

Export: Export your project in OBJ, DAE, GLTF, and many more forms.

Explore Option: Visit captures from all over the world.

Share your captures: Share your 3D picture with your friends through the link.

Post: Post your 3D capture on Polycam web to share with the world.


How to download and Install App

For downloading Polycom App just go to the download link and download the app. You can also download this app from the apple store. Its size is just 12 MB. The Polycam app is 100 % safe and free to download and use.

How to use the App

  • Photo mode requires an image of a subject from many different perspectives.
  • Move your camera, Make sure to capture your subject from all sides and angles.
  • Take photos from above and below, as well as different sides.
  • Try to maintain at least 50% overlap between photos, so the system can register them.
  • Not all photos need to encompass the whole subject. You can get closer and take more photos of detailed areas.
  • Remember to move your body. Great captures are made by getting a subject from as many perspectives as possible.

Alternative apps of Polycam

There are many alternative apps of the Polycam app that can help you to create good quality 3D models, like magicplan, Scandy Pro 3D Scanner, Pocket 3D Room Scanner, etc. These are the best alternative apps for Polycam.


Create high-quality 3D models on your device using the app. Just take 3 to 200+ pictures of your object and upload them on Polycam and wait for processing, after a few minutes your high-quality 3D models are ready.


NAME Polycam App
ANDROID REQUIRED 5.0 and up to
VERSION 3.11.6

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