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Likee lite App Review:

Likee lite is a light version of the Likee App. This app is a communication and video sharing app. Share your daily videos with your friend and all the world through the Likee Lite app. This app is less than 15 MB This app is very good for use. You can easily download the videos with the use of the low network. This app uses low data. Download Likee Lite now and discover the latest trends, content, and new people.

Like Lite App

More features

  • It is size is less than 15 MBs.
  • Easy to use and It has unlimited features.
  • Easy connect to the network and fast download the videos.
  • Use any one audio and video.
  • This app show those type of video, which you like.
  • Record your voice.
Like lite App

Tools in Likee Lite App

  • Select the language that you want,30+ languages you can choose as you want.
  • Easy sign-up.Sign up with Facebook, Gmail, and Mobile numbers.
  • This app does, not need your personal information. Just add a name, gene, birthday, and profile photo.
  • This app shows you how is nearby using the Likee Lite app.
  • See how many peoples are watching your video.

How to install and use Likee Lite App

Press the download button and easily install the app. or download it from the play store. Open the app and select your language. Urdu, English, Hindi, etc. Go to the profile option and press the profile icon. Add your mobile number and sign up. Verify your no through the OTP code. Generate your 8-digit password and confirm it. Now select your profile photo, Gene, Birthday, and username. Now your Likee Lite account is complete.

Likee Lite App

Method of earn money from Likee Lite App

To make money from this app, open the app and watch the videos. You get coins for watching every video. And you can make money by redeeming these coins. The more videos you watch daily, There are so many coins. These coins convert into money. Click to withdraw money from the likee lite app. If you earn one Euro from this app, you can withdraw at the same time. When you click on withdraw, it will ask you for your Paytm number. Enter your Paytm Number and click withdraw. Your transition is complete.

Alternative Apps of Likee Lite App

There are millions of apps in the play store like Tik Tok, Like, Snake Video, etc. But these apps,s size is very large. It covers your storage. And it uses low internet. Your low device can run this app easily.

The negative side of Likee Lite

This app is a time-wasting app if you are a student or an employee and are using this app. It will only waste your time. You will not be able to stop browsing and using it because of its funny and interesting content. The Likee Lite harms your mobile because of notifications so it can affect the Ram of your mobile and decrease its speed. This app is banned in the US. Because This app makes people lazy. There are many problems between The app and United States.  


NAME Likee Lite
SIZE 29.46 MB

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