Hill climb Racing Game v(1.56) For Android

Hill Climb Racing Game Review:

Hill Climb Racing game is one of the most famous offline games in the world. Most mobile gamers are love to play the Hill Climb Racing app. It is a very simple game. It is rule is that run your can as soon as possible to gets coins and fuel. There are a lot of maps and vehicles in the Hill Climb Racing app game. They open with step by step game. In this game, you can upgrade your vehicles. Play the Hill Climb Racing app and earn coins. Use these coins to upgrade your vehicles.

Maps in Hill Climb Racing Game

There are many maps and vehicles in this game that opens with the playing of the game. In this game, there is an option to upgrade the vehicles. There are 28+maps. They are endless maps.

  • Like Countryside, Seasons, Desert, Arctic.
  • Highway, Cave, Moon, Boot Camp, Mars, Xmas,
  • Alien PlanetArctic Cave.
  • ForestMountain, Ragnarok.
  • MudPoDl, Volcano, Beach, Factory, Roller coaster.
  • Nuclear Plant, Arena, Jungle, Neon, Prognosis, etc.
  • Night, Rooftops, Junkyard, Construction, Rainbow, Hunted, Northpole.

Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing

  • Jeep, Motocross Bike, Monster truck, Tractor, Hipple Van
  • One wheeler, Quad Bike, Trophy Truck, Tourist Bus, Race Car.
  • Finger screw, police car, ambulance, electric cars super diesel 4*4.
  • Rally car monster car, fire truck, chopper, lowrider, tank, snowmobile, super offroad.
  • Truck, dune buggy, hovercraft, Minibike, big finger, kiddle express, moon lander.
  • Hot rod, the rocket, Mutant, luxury car, tarantula, sleigh, etc.

There are 29+ vehicles and these vehicles are upgradeable. Like :


NAME Hill Climb Racing app
CATEGORY Free Rasing game
VERSION 1.54.1
ANDROID REQUIRED 5.0 and up to

Upgrading Method of Vehicles

In a hill climb racing game, you first have to play the game and collect coins to upgrade vehicles. With these coins, you can upgrade your vehicles. The upgrading system consists of four steps.

  • Upgrading it is an engine.
  • Increas it,s jumping.
  • Make it,s tire stonge.
  • Upgrading it,s body.

Controls in Games

There is two main control in the game. Break and speed. and one another speed accelerator. You can use it at one time in a single match.

Alternative game of Hill Climb Racing Game

There are many offline games in the play store. like car parking, rasing, etc. These games are good but they do have not many futures and stages. The hill climb racing has many maps, cars, and also upgrading mode to make your rase fast and interesting.

Final words

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