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Garena Free Fire Game Review:

Garena Free Fire Game is a royal battle mobile game. It is The most popular and most downloaded game in the world. It is based on a British black comedy-action film, Name as Free Fire. Each match is for 10 minutes. There are a total of 50 enemies in the match. You have to survive as much as you can and kill as many enemies as possible. Each person has his own parachute. You can choose any location of the map to land and move forward according to the zone. When you land on this island, you get a house. In which you get a lot of weapons.

You can use these weapons for your safety. When you kill a player, you get one kill point. And you get all the weapons of that player. And when you kill the last player you get a title. That title is BooYAH. And with that the match is complete. You can play this game with the team and are solo vs squad.

Developer of Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is known as Free Fire. It is a Royal Battle game. It is developed by the Garena company and it is published by Garena for iOS and Andriod. This game got credit to the most downloaded app globally in 2019.

Graphics of Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire supports Nice and good graphics for their player. Such as Smooth, Standard, and Ulta. It is further classified as High FPS, FPS, High RES, Brightness, And shadow. These graphics of free fire make the free fire interesting game. This game easily works in 1GB RAM of mobile.

Garena Free Fire

Characters in Free Fire And it,s Quality

There are many characters in Free Fire, but some of the 6 famous characters are here.


The great thing about a Dasha character is that when it falls from the high, it feels less damage and recovers its health faster. Its recoil setting is good.


The main feature of this character is that, when you kill an enemy, the reload of the gun becomes automatic.No need to reload again the gun.


This character is always active and increases it,s EP. If you convert EP into HP, it always increases it,s EP. You can Call this character Master of All.


Kelly is a Passive character. It increases the running speed. You can use this as an active character.


The special thing about Hayato is with every 10 percent decrease in maximum HP. Armor penetration increases by 10 percent.


The great thing about Kapella’s character is that when it becomes damaged and heal it gets extra power. And once when it know down it loses it,s health very loosely.

Garena Free Fire

Top weapons in Garena Free Fire

There are many weapons in Free Fire but some of the best top five Guns In Free Fire are given below.

  • Scalar.
  • M4A1.
  • AK47.
  • MP40.
  • M1887.

Top best vehicles in Free Fire

There are many vehicles in the Free Fire game, Some of the best three vehicles are here.

2-Pickup truck.
3-Monster Truck.

Secret places in Free Fire

In Free fire, there are many secret places on the map. But here are some of the famous places that can push your rank.

  • Pochinok.
  • Plantation.
  • Shipyard.
  • Rim Nam Village.
  • Mars Electric.
  • Riverside. It is located on the next side of DAM.
  • Rim Nam Village.

Top Five best Garena Free Fire players in the world

Garena Free Fire

Sultan Rroslo is a famous player of Free Fire. He belongs to Indonesia. Sultan Rroslo is from the Heroic Tier group and his badge point Garena Free Fire is 25089.


SK SABIR is a very good player. He belongs to India and it,s badge point is 11703.

  • Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is a famous name in the Free Fire game. He is a YouTuber, his channel name is Gyan Gaming, which has over 2 million subscribers.


Raistar is also a Free Fire player. This player creates a record in Free Fire. He has a high headshot in Garena Free Fire is the rate of 63 percent. Raister is best known for his mid-range combats.

  • TSG Jash

TSG Jash is one of the best Free Fire players in the world. He belongs to the TSG squad.TSG Jash highest score in Season 12 was 3354.

Comparing Garena Free Fire to the world-famous Games in 2021

When we are comparing Free Fire with the top best games of the world in 2021, Free Fire is not on the list. Because it is developed in 2017. But it,s all download is in the world is 1,000,000,000+. Today the Gamer industry makes many other games. PUGE is the most downloaded game in the world.

The top games of 2022 are given below.

NameDaily Players of Game
PUGE100 Million+ Daily Players
Minecraft95 Million+ Daily Players
Apex Legends50 Million+ Daily Players
Fortnite battle royal45 million + DailyPlayers
CS: Global offensive35 million+ Daily Players

Alternative games of Garena Free Fire

There are many alternative games of Free Fire. Like Puge, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Fortnite Battle Royal, etc. But these games need a high-quality RAM phone or high-quality computer. The Free fire game easily works in 1 GB RAM. It does not need any high-quality phone or computer.


How do I download Free Fire?

Go to the download link and download the app. Or go to the Play Store and search Free Fire. and tap on the install button to install Free Fire.

Who is No 1 in Free Fire?

Sultan Rroslo is a famous player of Free Fire. He belongs to Indonesia. Sultan Rroslo is from the Heroic Tier group and his badge point Garena Free Fire is 25089.

How do I install Free Fire on my PC?

Open your browser and go to the Bluestacks website and search Free Fire for PC. Download the app from the given link. After downloading the app, install the Game.

Is PUBG a copy of Free Fire?

Yes, we can say PUBG is a copy of Free Fire. Because all the main ideas are copied from Free Fire. Pubg just changes the few sets in the game.

Who is the richest noob in Garena Free Fire?

Lokesh Gamer is the richest noob in Garena Free Fire. He is a Youtuber with 6.64M subscribers. He belongs to India.


NAMEGarena Free Fire
SIZEVaries with device, maximum 670 MB

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