My Telenor Today Answers (22 Nov 2022)

My Telenor Review:

Today all over the world 188+ people daily use the Telenor service and Telenor sim. Approximately more than 8 countries use the Telenor service and day by day its users are increasing due to its great services and affordable price package. When can freely get the Telenor sim from any franchise free of cost? The first time you buy a sim, then it gives you free mints and net data. Today we are reviewing a new app that is completely safe and official. You can freely download the APK from any official app store or any website like Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and many app provider sites. This app’s name is My Telenor App. It is a lightweight app that is available for all types of mobile and tablets. Using this app you answer daily My Telenor questions and get free MBs.

For downloading this app just you need to tap the given download link or search this app on any app store and get the app free of cost. Using this app you can enjoy all the services and features.

Today Telenor Quiz Answer (19 November 2022)

Question 1: How many possible configurations does a Rubik’s Cube have?
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 43 Quintillion

Answer: 43 Quintillion

Question 2: Which number is a magic number?
  1. 4
  2. 24
  3. 9
  4. 3

Answer: 9

Question 3: How many paisas in 1 rupee?
  1. 2
  2. 100
  3. 1
  4. 5

Answer: 100

Question 4: What is 10 times 5 or 5 times 10?
  1. 105
  2. 50
  3. 500
  4. 051

Answer: 50

Question 5: How much is 345 minus 345?
  1. 0
  2. 345
  3. 345345
  4. 5

Answer: 5


NAME: My Telenor
CATEGORY: Apps and Entertainment
VERSION: 4.2.36
DEVELOPER: Telenor Pakistan
SIZE: 27.94 MB

Why Telenor App is developed?

If you are using Telenor sim then you are well familiar with its services. For buying any call or its internet package, you need to enter its special code. But everyone does not remind these codes. Due to this problem, Telenor introduced its app. Using this app you can easily buy any type of package. And also it provides many more services like you can create your package. Select how much mints, call data, and also you can select your time.


Main Services of Telenor App

When you join the app, the first interface shows all the services and features of the app. Like when you download the app, you need to log in to the app with your Telenor no. After login, the first interface shows your name and your account no. Your Telenor no is also your account no.

On the app, there are five main MENUs

  • HOME
In the HOME MENU, you check your:
  • Account name
  • Mobile no
  • Telenor Har Min
  • Get Loan
  • Recharge
  • Usage Remaining
  • My Hub
  • Switch to Postpaid
  • Easycard
  • Top offers and deals.
  • More Services.
In the My Hub section, you can enjoy many more features of the app like:
  • Make your offer.
  • Internet offers.
  • Deals.
  • Invite and win.
  • Share balance.
  • Rs: 10 Card Redeem.
  • Free MBs.
  • Play and win.
On my account MENU you can see all the usage of your balance like
  • Usage
  • Subscription
  • FNF
In the OFFERS MENU section you can enjoy all the offers like
  • All usage
  • Call
  • Internet
  • Deals
  • City
  • Rewards
  • Gift

he history section, you can sell all of your balance history like how much data you use in your account.

The EXPLORE MENU you can enjoy all the new packages and new offers. Daily Telenor introduces new offers for its users.

In Addition

The Telenor service provider daily frees MBs for its users. If you want daily 100 MBs free of cost then download the app from this link and install it on your phone. After it taps the TEST YOUR SKILLS option and answers the given five questions. These five questions are very simple and the Telenor Daily changes these questions. If you answered all the questions then you can get free 50 MBs. For another 50 MBs, you just need to tap the FREE MBs option and get the MBs without any cost. One of the best think about this FREE MBS is that it daily increases.

Daily open the app and get more MBs like

  • Frist Day 30 MBs
  • Second Day 40 MBs
  • Third-Day 50 MBs
  • Fourth 50 MBs
  • Fifth Day 50 MBs
  • Sixth Day 60 MBs
  • Seven Day 250 MBs

Due to this free opportunity, you can enjoy a maximum of 2 GB of free data every month free of cost.

How we can answer the daily Telenor questions correctly?

For this problem, our site Bestapk-zones is very useful for you. We are daily providing all the answers to these questions correctly. So daily visit our site and enjoy free MBs.

How to download My Telenor App on Mobile?

For downloading the Telenor App tap the download link and get the app. out of any charges. You can also download it from any app store like Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or any app provider website. It is a completely safe and secure official app.

Why does My Telenor give free MBs?

The main purpose of giving free MBs to Telenor is that it wants to help those its users that can not buy its package. It is especially for the students and those its users that are very poor financially.

How many countries use Telenor?

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. Pakistan
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Thailand

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